What can you do?

–> JOIN YOUR LOCAL ADVOCACY ORGANIZATION to learn about how you can engage in current efforts against aerial spraying in your community.

–> SIGN UP TO RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS THROUGH FERNS about spray events near you, and make sure to call the operators or ODF stewardship foresters about your concerns, and submit comments to ODF about notifications that may effect you. You can talk to operators about the idea of a “good neighbor agreement” – to not aerial spray in areas near people’s homes or water sources. It is important for those who apply chemicals and those who regulate the process to hear that citizens are concerned about aerial spraying.

–>CONTACT YOUR LOCAL LEGISLATORS about concerns specific to aerial applications in your community.

–>ATTEND A BOARD OF FORESTRY MEETING and advocate for reform on policies that affect aerial spraying.

–>CONTACT THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE and voice your concerns about forestry practice reforms. Governor Kate Brown: (503) 378-4582