How widespread is the the use of herbicides in forestry?

The interactive map below displays all herbicide applications planned on private and state lands in 2020 (as of September), based on public information provided by the Oregon Department of Forestry (NOTE: this data shows all types of applications/does not separate aerial from ground sprays). The red and yellow polygons are proposed spray units, separated by what time if year the notification was submitted (some of which have been completed, some possibly not). The pink blobs show a two mile radius around these spray units – the distance that the Oregon Health Authority has affirmed it is possible for herbicides to drift from the sprayed location.


Clicking on one of the shapes of a sprayed area will tell you the landowner, spray operator, and give the link to the full report where you can see a list of chemicals and the type of application. If you want to look for sprays in a particular area, click on the magnifying glass icon and enter an address or town. For best results, we recommend using this in a web browser rather than mobile device. For a full screen image, use this link.

Please share this map with your community! We are hoping this will be a useful tool for people living near industrial forestry lands by making notification information more accessible and easy to view.

This map project was put together by volunteers from Coast Range Forest Watch, a grassroots organization on the southern Oregon coast. CRFW also created and maintains this website as part of the Spray Free Coast campaign. Feel free to contact CRFW with any questions or feedback!